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Social Media Marketing, Where Do I Start?

Social Media Marketing,

Where do I start?

Instructor: Veronica Bélanger

You keep hearing your business needs to be on social media in order to survive these days (here we go again, right?). You've grown your contact sphere over the years through good ol' fashion relationship marketing so you're not sure how social media will help. Not only that, you don't use social media enough for personal reasons to know how to effectively use it for your business. Where do you even start to learn this new form of marketing?


VB Marketing and Consulting specializes in helping entrepreneurs grow their business through meaningful engagement on social media and if the above sounds like you, this class is your starting point! 

This class will focus on:

  • Introducing you to all the platforms and types of content,

  • Explanation and review of terminology, and

This class is FREE through my teachable site!! Check it out below!

**This class is for the beginner to social media. If you feel this information is a little too basic for you but you still need the basics, stay tuned! 


"Veronica is an excellent speaker and extremely knowledgable about social media and how to apply it to your business. I thoroughly enjoyed her class and walked away with many action items that I plan to bring to our company."

Kelsey Donahue, Executive Level Administrative Professional