Pathways to social media Branding

Your guide to entrepreneural Success


Instructor: Veronica Bélanger

Social Media is like a toddler, you never know what the next minute will hold for it and your business. Have you spent hours creating content only to have your engagement drop to nothing and your leads suddenly vanish? Or are you more the type to create content on the spot...when you remember to post? Either situation - sounds like you need a strategy! 

I'm not talking a "here ya go! Good luck!"how-to guide. I'm talking utilizing my knowledge, experience and time to create your own unique social media marketing strategy.

Pathways to Social Media is an intensive 8-week course split into two sections. Section 1 is 4-weeks and consists of a 1 hour weekly one-on-one meeting where we create your strategy together. Exercises are encouraged to ensure this hour together is utilized as effectively as possible. Section 2, also 4-weeks, is a daily guide to utilizing the strategy you've created to its fullest. Weekly meetings will be 30minutes to address your specific questions or concerns. 

We will focus on:

  • Establishing and put your vision for your social media marketing into action

  • Growing your following and engagement organically

  • Effective content creation tactics that work for you and your schedule


"Veronica is an excellent speaker and extremely knowledgable about social media and how to apply it to your business. I thoroughly enjoyed her class and walked away with many action items that I plan to bring to our company."

Kelsey Donahue, Executive Level Administrative Professional