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3 Topics To Start Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Tips

When I sit down with a potential client, I have a few questions I ask to get a feel of where they are and where they would like to be with their social media marketing.

The questions seem simple yet majority of business owners I sit with have a hard time with answering them.

I’ve found that the general plan for most businesses and their social media marketing is just start posting and see what happens! What happens when you run out of ideas? What happens when you’re not getting business like you had anticipated?

Take the time to plan your social media strategy. When you create that plan, you have a road map to follow.

Don’t know what to include in your plan? Here are three main topics to start with.

What are your goals for your social media marketing?

Start with where you would like to be.

A lot of people say to me:

”I’m looking to increase awareness of my business.”

That’s a great goal to have with your social media! When you’re planning your strategy, I’d like you to take that further. What does awareness of your business look like to you? How will you or your marketer prove that there is increased awareness of your business? Does that mean your page likes increase by 10 likes a week or month? Does that mean the “call me” me button is used once or twice a day or week? Does that mean they interact by commenting with your business consistently on your preferred platform?

Really focus on what the goal for your business looks like to you when creating this part of your strategy.

What role does social media play in your overall marketing plan?

I believe social media is a powerful and effective tool for a business to foster and grow relationships with past, present and potential customers. It’s not the whole tool box.

I think social media is more like your hammer within your marketing tool box. A hammer is an essential tool within a tool box and it’s not a tool to be swung wildly.

What are your digital and non-digital efforts? Can you direct them to your page or profile where your expertise shines? Similarly, how can you direct those on your social media to your website, event, store...etc.?

Who is your Target Audience?

Marketing on social media is the opposite of the “spray and pray“ method of marketing. Knowing and understanding exactly who your target customer is down to their interests and behaviors helps platforms get you an audience with that person out of the millions and/or billions on their platform.

When putting your social media strategy together spend a lot of time on who your dream client is. Keep in mind, you can have more than one dream client. If you do, just create that profile for each of them individually. Pinning specific traits, interests and behaviors of your target audience will help with content creation, ad creation, hashtag research and so much more.

Creating your social media strategy takes thought and time. Yet once you have it, your social media marketing efforts will yield better results.

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