• Veronica Bélanger

Shifting your Social Media Marketing mindset

I talk with people a LOT about social media marketing. I'm almost always told "I just don't have time" to market for business on social media.

Let me ask you this:

Would you have time to work your business on social media if social media were a client with the capability of giving enough referrals that you wouldn't have to market often ever again?

Let me guess, that client would become your best friend. You'd go above and beyond for that client. You would let them know all the upcoming, challenges, triumphs, endings and beginnings of your business. Tell me I'm wrong. I dare you!

It is well known that social media can produce clients for businesses. So why don't you have time to make sure it has everything it needs to help promote your business?

Maybe it's because you're not really sure what to put out for content? Maybe you've tried but nothing has really come out of it? I understand these struggles and I strongly suggest giving it another try with the client mindset I've painted above.

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